Enabling Better Decisions

We are a Behavioural and Psychometric Assessment & Evaluation firm specialising in Human Potential & Organisational optimization.

Executive Assessment Services

We provide in-depth management assessment through comprehensive psychometric evaluation & measurement. We cover all functions and industries at middle & senior management, as well as non-Executive Directors and Chairpersons.

Our assessment experts work with clients to accurately assess senior executive teams, providing the insights needed to ensure the right executives are in the right roles and offering the developmental recommendations to make sure future leaders are prepared for challenges ahead.

Start With the Talent Acquisition Strategy

Talent assessment’s mission is about Right Talent, Right Time, Right Work, and Right Place.

  • Our multi-method approach to assessing middle & senior-level executives is the most comprehensive and predictive of leadership success. As a result, we are able to deliver actionable information about executive strengths, limitations and risks.
  • We combine an evaluation of business and functional competencies with rigorous research with our proprietary measurement of Executive ability — focussing on the specific set of skills that enable superior executive performance.

We use scientifically validated psychometric instruments underpinned by behavioural modelling methods to give an accurate assessment of a person's suitability for their role within the business, evaluated against key business criteria. We give you confidence in your decisions around bringing in new talent or how to get the very best out of your existing leadership team.


  • Provides objective and scientific facts to inform your selection decision.
  • Giving the whole picture on an executive’s strengths and development areas.
  • Minimise your liabilities and maximise your people from a talent perspective.
  • Enhance the Employer brand with a well-designed assessment process.
  • Identify gaps in management capability.
  • Create a platform for subsequent selection, appraisal and development.
  • We work closely with the business to align with your internal requirements and utilize your existing tools and benchmarks.

How Clients Experience our Assessments

We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback around the sensitivity, usefulness and rigour of our assessment process. Specifically, we get excellent feedback in the following areas:

  • Adult-to-Adult, user-friendly and insightful: A recent client feedback study suggested that 89% of individuals assessed believed the experience had raised their self-awareness and 92% reported that they had changed as a result.
  • Developmentally useful: All our work, whether for assessment, benchmarking or development purposes, have a strong developmental approach. Even the best leaders feel stretched and challenged by our assessments.
  • Accuracy: We receive overwhelmingly positive feedback about the predictive validity of our process.