360° Assessments

360° Assessments

The 360° assessment lets you decide which behaviours and competencies to target for review and development. It allows key observers to contribute to an individual’s growth by rating actual daily behaviours, not guessed-at personality variables. Our 360° process is fully automated, rapid, and represents data in a revolutionary way that we know you have not seen before.

6 WAYS 360° Assessments CAN change your organisation

1 Targets the actual behaviours that affect your organisation’s day to day functioning   4 Accelerate self-awareness in your leaders
2 Delivers data in a unique, easy to understand format that people can use 5 Creates a powerful vehicle for open, honest conversations between staff members
3 Investigate virtually any area of interest that you want to see translated into action 6 Gain organisational data on key drivers of success behaviours and blocks to performance
Additional Features and Highlights
  • Our 360° assessment process is delivered online, and involves no pen-and-paper hassles or manual chasing of participants
  • 360° assessment dimensions and questions are 100% customisable to your needs. We are experts at constructing behaviour-based items that measure the dimensions that you want to know about
  • Both individual and organisational reports are generated

What is The Value of a 360° assessment?

Most employees are familiar with the reviews their supervisors do every 12 months (if they are lucky — or unlucky depending on their manager). That review involves the employee receiving feedback from a single perspective; that of their manager.

In a 360° Assessment, you get the combined perspective of a manager and several peers about the team work, communication, leadership and management skills of an employee. The reviewers are asked to comment and rate the employee’s professional skills and team impact. The goal is for them to provide feedback to help the employee improve and focus development.

360°'s are not performance reviews. They are a professional feedback tool designed to help anyone from a CEO to a store clerk develop and hone their professional skills. While a standard review is about the job an employee is doing, a 360° assessment is about the employee themselves.

The combined perspective helps to balance the feedback and create a clear picture for the employee about their behavior, impact and skills.

Why 360°'s Are Useful (When Done Right)

360° assessments help people develop business and interpersonal skills. In particular, they focus on three key pieces of feedback:
  1. Identifying a starting point for development of new skills.
  2. Measuring progress as the subject works on skills over time.
  3. Identifying the personal blind spots of behavior and the impact that everyone has but never notices.