Career GuidanceCareer Guidance

The assessments and guidance is done by Dr Dewald Scholtz, a registered Organisational Psychologist (reg nr PS 0041610) who specialises in assessments and career coaching.  These assessments are in-depth and are not simply of the type : “your son/daughter can study anything”.

An educational assessment aims at evaluating a young adult’s cognitive, social and emotional functioning. This assists in determining their strengths and areas of development, and difficulties that they may be experiencing.

Subject Choice Assessment

Subject choice assessments are aimed at assisting learners select appropriate study subjects for grade 9-12, as subject choice at this time impacts on future study options & career choice. This assessment provides valuable insight and information in order to guide informed subject selections. The assessment includes aptitude, personality and interest questionnaires.

Career Assessment

It is not unusual for Adults to need Vocational direction in mid-career.

Assessments are suited to:

  • Graduates planning a career;
  • Individuals considering a change in career or a return to studies.
  • The Assessment consists of several different types of tests: Aptitude Testing, a Career Interest Questionnaire, Value Scale & Personality Profiling. These tests are often computerised assessments and exercises, making them user-friendly.
  • All assessments are approved by the HPCSA, highly reputable and normed for the South African population group.
  • We use specially tailored batteries for students, graduates and mid-career adults based on education level and work experience.
  • Comprehensive intergarted reports are given to the client and the results are discussed.