Executive Development

Leadership Profiling

we have helped organisations meet their business objectives by The assessment and development of THEIR leaders.

The two primary strands for achieving this are: assessment – unlocking insights into a leader’s potential and developing  their strengths and development areas and secondly realising that leader’s true potential which will have a measurable benefit to the individual, their teams and their organisation.

In assessing and developing individuals, we focus and provide insight on the following:

Understanding the person

Our interventions are designed to understand what makes people unique and their distinctive strengths that they possess. We strive to truly understand what drives and motivates people, their core values and the sense of purpose that gives meaning to their lives. We believe that people are driven by specific experiences and assumptions. Deep understanding of what makes an individual tick informs both our assessment, as well as our development/coaching work.

Leadership and functional skills

We work to understand, given the psychology of the individual and their work experience, their strengths and weaknesses with respect to leadership capability, as well as key areas of functional capability. This can be reported back against a client’s own leadership framework or against DTS’s own models of leadership. We also seek to understand the environments and contexts in which they have excelled or struggled. This allows us to provide clear feedback to an organisation on how an individual will play out within specific roles and in their context.


We have clear views on what drives potential; we explore this and feed back to the organisation on the likely future trajectory of the individuals we assess. In our development work, we also anchor our interventions to an individual’s future goals and aspirations, and push people hard to identify what will invigorate them for the next stage of their life's journey.