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We are a Behavioural and Psychometric Assessment & Evaluation firm specialising in Human Potential & Organisational optimization.

Psychometric Assessment

Goal Attainment in Sales Environment

Typically our psychometric assessments consist of suitable verbal, numerical, and abstract-reasoning instruments together with personality assessment. All psychometric instruments we use are recognised with the Health Professions Council of SA and have proven to not unfairly discriminate against people from differing backgrounds.

Psychometric assessments draw on robust psychological science to give you an accurate, unbiased read on people’s capabilities, potential, and talent.

Psychometric assessments manage the risk of taking on new people and clarifies the developmental and succession potential of existing employees.

What is Psychometric Testing?

The aim of psychometric tests is to gain an accurate bearing of a candidate's cognitive abilities and personality/ behavioural style. This form of measurement is primarily employed to assess employment suitability, including company-candidate fit.